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Raiding rules for Factions

Important information.

  • This document goes over the official & regulated Factions raiding rules.
  • Rules may change at any time without notice. You are responsible for keeping up-to-date with these.
  • This is not a complete list! Always ask our management or staff if something is allowed or not in the Discord tickets or in-game. 
  • Our management and staff may do punishments or perform actions based on their point of view. 
  • Factions can be disqualified from receiving F-TOP rewards when crossing these or our general rules.
  • Keep in mind, that all of the spawners have to be placed down after the grace period. ( All of the hidden value will be removed )

Disciplinary action:
Strikes, disqualifications, bans, kicks or mutes may be performed by staff to regulate these rules.

  • The first strike: This is an official warning. 
  • The second strike: 25% of the total spawner value will be removed. 
  • The third strike: 50% of the total spawner value will be removed.
  • The fourth and final strike: The faction will be disqualified and value will be removed. 

Rule 1:
Insiding is not permitted under any circumstances.
The player will be banned for 60 days and all the items and damage will be rollbacked or given back to the faction.

Detailed information:

  • Insiding can be seen as:
    • Teleporting other players inside your faction's base.
    • Selling large quantities of items from the faction or stealing these items.
    • Offering your own faction services and goods to another without permission.
  • When a faction-member adds spawners to the faction claims, they are adding it into their own registered faction. Those spawners are now the property of the faction and not the player specifically.

Rule 2:
You may not use these methods to prevent other factions from getting your valuable blocks.
The faction doing this will be given a faction strike and the spawners will be given to the raiding faction.

Detailed information : 

  • Hiding or blocking spawners with blocks or water is not allowed. (Spawners should be used and placed as actual grinders) 
  • All valuable blocks should be placed in one base and not multiple. (Against spreading values)
  • Spawners in an unclaimed base are not allowed. (Against unfair placement and F-TOP gains)
  • Hiding big amounts of valuable blocks in chests, private vaults, or other safe places to boost yourself to F-TOP in the last moment is not allowed.
  • Mining spawners while being raided is not allowed.
  • Blowing up spawners with creeper eggs or TNT to bypass the cost of mining them is not allowed. (This is never allowed and not only when being raided)
  • Defending with cobwebs, fences, banners, and enchantment tables is not allowed. (Any block that acts as the same purpose is also not allowed)
  • Any raid-detectors that give you notifications when being raided are not allowed. (Only manual wall checking is allowed)
  • Patching walls with printer or gen buckets while being raided is not allowed.

Rule 3:
Illegal cannons and cannon usage.
The faction doing this will be given a faction strike and the damage that has been done will be rollbacked or given back to the griefed faction.

Detailed information : 

  • These cannons are seen as illegal:
    • Wall remover cannons. (Seen as a cannon that removes an entire wall with one shot which is 50 blocks wide and 256 blocks in height)
    • Left and right shooting cannons. (Seen as a cannon that bypasses walls)
    • Cannons that fire shots faster than a 3-second delay.
    • Multiple one-shots cannons. (Any cannon may only remove 1 watered wall at a time)
    • Roof cannons. (Seen as a cannon that shoot sands or TNT above the height limit of 256 blocks)
    • Lag cannons. (Seen as dropping the TPS lower constantly and continually. If the cannon lags for the one event, then it is fine.)
  • It is not allowed to start shooting a cannon when another raid or cannon is already actively raiding that certain base. (Wait till the other faction is finished with raiding)
  •  Only one raid claim per base

Rule 4:
Base & Defend methods.
The faction will be given a chance to remove the claims or the faction doing this will be given a faction strike and the claims will be removed.  

Detailed information : 

  • You may not claim multiple world corners during the entire season. (We will ask to remove the claims and if refusing to do so the punishment above will follow) 
  • The max buffer-size on our server is 20 chunks. (The first wall/chunk from the core from the base is where you start counting your buffer)  
  • F-TOP value should be placed in a proper base with at least 15 walls around it. (This is to prevent values from being hidden underground)
  • Regen walls are only allowed around the main core of the base with a maximum of 2 chunks being used for these walls.
  • 45° Regen walls are not allowed.
  • Putting walls in front of your ally base to help them defend against other factions are not allowed. (Only active counter cannons are allowed)
  • Anti-raid claims may not be aligned to the buffer of your faction. (Only active counter cannons are allowed) 
  • You can only have 4 chunks of walls around your cannon box.
  • Regen piston walls or known as F1NN5TER's regen walls cause TPS issues when these chunks are loaded and are not allowed.

Rule 5:
B-Claiming is not permitted within the grace period of the season.
The faction will be given a chance to remove the claims or the faction doing this will be given a faction strike and the claims will be removed.     

Detailed information  :

  • B-Claims are faction claims that surround another faction of their claims and preventing them from expanding or building. 

Rule 6:
You may not "merge" with, "sell" to, or "boost" another faction after the grace period.
The faction or player responsible will be banned/disbanded for 60 days.     

Rule 7:
Alt factions are not allowed.
The alt faction will be disbanded and the entire main faction will be temp-banned for 12 days.


Rule 8:
Sponging enemy walls from inside your faction claims are not allowed.
The player doing this will be banned for one day.


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