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Island rules for SkyBlock

Important information.

  • This document goes over the official & regulated SkyBlock island rules.
  • Rules may change at any time without notice. You are responsible for keeping up-to-date with these.
  • This is not a complete list! Always ask our management or staff if something is allowed or not in the Discord tickets or in-game. 
  • Our management and staff may do punishments or perform actions based on their point of view. 
  • Islands can be disqualified from receiving IS-TOP rewards when crossing these or our general rules.

Rule 1:
Griefing or insiding is not permitted under any circumstances.
The player will be banned for 60 days and all the items and damage will be rollbacked or given back to the island.

Detailed information:

  • Insiding can be seen as:
    • Selling large quantities of items from the island or stealing these items.
    • Offering your own island services and goods to another without permission.
    • Destroying or griefing the island.
  • When an island-member adds spawners to the island, they are adding it into their own registered island. Those spawners are now the property of the island and not the player specifically.

Rule 2:
You may not hide valuable blocks or spawners and place them last moment to gain an IS-TOP position.
The player will be banned for 60 days and all the values will be taken and destroyed.

Detailed information : 

  • Hiding valuable blocks or spawners within ender chests, private vaults or any other method that doesn't count them on the IS-TOP is not allowed. (Against last moment placement)
  • All valuable blocks should be placed on one island and not multiple. (Against spreading values)

Rule 3:
You may not "merge" with, "sell" to, or "boost" another island after the grace period.
The island or player responsible will be banned/disbanded for 60 days.     

Rule 4:
Alt islands are not allowed to bypass or evade any of these rules and limits.
The alt island will be disbanded and the entire main island will be temp-banned for 12 days.

Rule 5:
Kill or island trapping is not allowed.
The player doing this will be banned for one day.